Monday, 24 March 2014

Why this blog is back......

Three years into their term, it is clear that this government will disappoint the people of the South East by not creating a university here. It is hard to figure out exactly what the proposed Technological University will be- but at this point two things are clear. The TU of the South East is not going to get university level funding and it will not be part of the community of other universities in Ireland.

The technological university process is very convoluted and is designed to look like stuff is happening. When in opposition Enda Kenny, Eamonn Gillmore and Ruari Quinn all visited WIT and all made specific statements promising a university. There are twelve government TDs* across the region and two senior government ministers. In 1997 the same two parties tried to start the process of making WIT a university before it came to a halt once the rainbow government lost out to FF. So most people are presuming that all these people are working diligently to make it happen. With two years left there is still time to do something, but it is increasingly clear that the forces against creating a proper university are winning out and hence the need for this blog/group to come out of retirement.
* Pat Deering Fine Gael Carlow-Kilkenny, Phil Hogan Fine Gael Carlow-Kilkenny, Ann Phelan Labour Carlow-Kilkenny, John Paul Phelan Fine Gael Carlow-Kilkenny, Tom Hayes Fine Gael Tipperary South, Paudie Coffey Fine Gael Waterford, Ciara Conway Labour Waterford, John Deasy Fine Gael Waterford, Brendan Howlin Labour Wexford, Paul Kehoe Fine Gael Wexford, Liam Twomey Fine Gael Wexford,

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